The Health and Wellness project is a multiphase, multi-faceted program for the community of Juffureh,  rural in location and diverse in ages.  This program will include clean water solutions, CPR training, blood pressure checks and water safety.  The first phase that Global Mission society’s Hope volunteer team will be addressing is the clean water solutions and delivery of personal hygiene products. Global Mission Society team will be providing clean water systems and training to combat a frequent diarrhea caused by pathogens in the water. Skin rashes and skin disorders such as ringworms and spider bites will be addressed and classes on treatments of these ailments will be provided along with topical ointments organic home remedies. We will also assist the nearest local clinic in Albreda with Antibiotics needed for advance stages of the skin disorder and diarrhea. Through observation we noticed repeated hair loss in small children caused by ringworms. Untreated if continued later in adolescence will cause self-esteem issues, especially among preteen females. This is where hygiene classes come in to train the locals not to use the same comb or sleep in the same pillow. When rash or infection is present in the scalp or skin although it shouldn’t be practiced anyway. 

COVID-19 is a new threat in our communities and so our focus 2020 will be teaching the community how to make their own personal hand sanitizer, soap, and sterilization solution for utensils, toilets and other public areas. Malaria is another ongoing threat that can be solved with deep treatment mosquito repellent and mosquito nets in the home. 


Initial Blood pressure checks – volunteers needed and basic eye exams – volunteer needed, oral exams – volunteer needed.  


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