Global Mission Society Project's Wish List

 Bantaba (refurbishment): Power Washing Accessories, Paint, Pillows


- Ladies crafts group: Fabric yarns,Thread crochet needles, Sewing machines, Craft building


- Men's crafts group: Hammers, Waddles


- Chicken Farm: Finance Chickens/Hens/Roosters, Chicken Feed, Fencing, Small Chicken Coop


- Clean Water Project


- Solar Energy Project


- Kunta Kinte Family Tree Memorial Heritage Project: 3D Graphic Art, Plan of the Traditional Hut, and Walkway


- Toilets


- Medical Mission: General Health Checks, Eye Examss, CPR FIrst AID Brochures, Medicine (Aspirin, Mosquito Nets, Pepto bismol for Diarrhea, Clorox for Cleaning)

Global Mission List of Accomplishments

  • Salon Customers' Donations

  • Relocated local Gambian from Mud House to Apartment with Toilet and Shower

  • Met with Architect and Builders

  • Paid for Architect Plans and Builders Estimates

  • Bought Zinc for Roof

  • Bought Rice for the Families in the Village

  • Delivered Sewing Machines, Walker, and Toiletries Donated by Churches, Along with Small Toys

  • Paid for Two Volunteers' School Fee Scholarships