The Women’s Empowerment Group was established in October 2016 to foster positive social economic change through Global Mission Society providing training enhancements to an already talented group of women in crafting, sewing, and dyeing batiks for children men and women traditional attire.  We are currently serving 42 women and their families in this program.  


The Women’s Empowerment Group provides opportunity to women who are nurturers with viable educational and economical sustainable means to enhance their lives of future generations.  


This vital training will empower the women with the knowledge of their tremendous self-worth and that they are the conduit to the change to improve economic sustainability and exponential meaningful impact to society. Our goal is to give each women access to free technical training and subsequently motivate them to participate in the micro- entrepreneurial opportunities to launch their brand with lifetime mentorship, coaching and support.

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Global Mission Society will support the development of a global marketplace to share these wonderful materials throughout the globe.  However, it is not possible for Global Mission Society to tackle the poverty faced by those wonderful women without your dedication and support.